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EMMS Overview

Cenmed's Equipment Maintenance Management Solution (EMMS) is a comprehensive, one-stop shop for managing the maintenance and support of a wide range of specialized equipment across various manufacturers.


EMMS is unique in that it incorporates the customer's preferred service providers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent service organizations (ISOs), into a single service agreement. This allows Cenmed to provide a single point of contact for customers, making it easy to manage service events and ensure that equipment is properly maintained and supported.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Cenmed's Equipment Maintenance Management Solution (EMMS) provides comprehensive coverage for all aspects of equipment maintenance, including on-site service, repairs, parts, labor, travel, emergency repair, preventive maintenance, and technical support.


With over 30 years of experience serving healthcare organizations, research laboratories, government facilities, and universities, Cenmed leverages its expertise and network of service providers to deliver highly efficient and responsive equipment maintenance management services at a significant cost savings compared to traditional service agreements.

Some of Our Vendors

Eligible Equipment

Research Equipment

Research labs rely on proprietary equipment serviced only by OEMs, limiting options and forcing multiple agreements with varying processes, workflows, and expiration dates.


Cenmed's solution leverages qualified manufacturer technicians to service all proprietary equipment under a single agreement, streamlining workflows and reducing maintenance costs.

Healthcare Imaging

Cenmed expands clients' resources and capabilities by leveraging its vast vendor network and partnering with hospital biomedical engineering teams.


This multifaceted approach reduces downtime, service costs, and technician redundancies, providing a comprehensive maintenance management solution for all healthcare equipment.

National Coverage

Cenmed supports a broad range of equipment in healthcare, government, and university environments. Our solution mitigates the risk of limited technician availability, covering everything from mass spectrometers to CT scanners to IT systems.

Impactful Service, Innovative Management

Our EMMS combines coverage of existing service contracts into one manageable agreement, saving customers time and money. We enhance traditional service agreements by standardizing service delivery across a broad range of equipment types while incorporating OEM and ISO technicians under a single agreement.


Our unified maintenance solution promotes your in house capabilities, from diagnostic imaging to radiation oncology.


We are a GSA and Defense ECAT contractor providing comprehensive support for mission-critical equipment.


Our solution offers an alternative to sole-source contracts with a network of OEM and ISO partnerships.

Higher Education

Realize enhanced efficiencies and standardization with our consolidated service agreement.

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