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Cenmed Enterprises has been servicing the federal government for more than 10 years. We are a full line distributor of medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, with a product offering in excess of 450,000 items (most of which are not listed on our website). Our extensive experience in fulfilling large and small contracts includes blanket orders and standing orders, as well as administering Blanket Purchasing Agreements, GSA Contracts, E-Cat, and other government contracting vehicles.

We also accept all government credit card orders, domestically as well as internationally.

Our flexibility as a small business has allowed for us to develop relationships with a broad range of manufacturers, including some of the largest names in our industry. We are direct resellers for hundreds of international and domestic manufacturers. Using our uniquely experienced staff we have also developed partnerships with several organizations which traditionally only sell direct to end users. These organizations have seen our ability to provide a significant benefit to our mutual customers, and have made exclusive arrangements with Cenmed for the resale of their products.

Besides our own 35,000 square foot warehouse facility, Cenmed also maintains a network of distributors though out the country, whose inventory we have access to, ensuring rapid order fulfillment. We rarely have to back order products for any length of time. 

We have facilities to stock products requiring refrigeration; including below freezing environments. We also maintain and regularly update our logistics solutions for short expiry and temperature sensitive products that require shipment direct from the manufacturer to the program site; particularly to challenging locations in Africa, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. We have extensive experience in servicing internationally located program sites.

Below some of our specific abilities are highlighted:

  • Guaranteed stock on any standing or blanket orders.
  • Next day delivery for in-stock items available.
  • Same day delivery (requires 45 day set-up, some product/location exclusions apply).
  • Dedicated 24 hour contact availability for internationally located customers.
  • Unique product sourcing and development assistance.
  • Stocking, upon request, of critical pandemic related items - isolation gowns, masks, etc.