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Sale Items

Baxter Duploject

Fibrin Sealant Prep & Application System (6/bx)

*Exp. Date: 3/31/24


ITEM # 099-1501252

High Purity Water

Cenmed Deionized, Ultra-pure, 1 Gallon (4/cs)

*Exp. Date: 6/28/24


ITEM # 353319

Terumo Surflo Set

Winged Infusion Set, 25G x 3/4", 12" Tubing (50/bx)

*Exp. Date: 1/31/24


ITEM # 871-3SV-25BLK

Biopsy Punch 7.0mm

PMD, Stainless Steel


*Exp. Date: 12/31/23


ITEM # BP0070

Vacutainer Tubes

BD Glass Blood Collection Tube, 16 x 100mm (100/bx)

*Exp. Date: 5/31/24


ITEM # 170-366430

PrecisionGlide Needle

BD Single-Use Syringe, 25G, 5/8" (100/pk)

*Exp. Date: 4/30/24


ITEM # 170-305122

Quick III, Solution II

Astral Stain,

1 Gallon (1/ea)

*Exp. Date: 6/28/24


ITEM # 100-5330

Fistula Needle Pack

B. Braun, Twin-Pack, 15G, 120 pair, 10 single (250/cs)

*Exp. Date: 2/29/24


ITEM # D9-2005MGP

Non-Serile Tubing

Cenmed 18" Connector, Reusable (24/cs)

*Exp. Date: 2/29/24


ITEM # 193008

Serological Pipets

1.0mL, Sterile, Individually Wrapped (50/bag, 200/cs)

*Exp. Date: 1/25/24


ITEM # 099-12100

Biopsy Punch 3.5mm

PMD, Stainless Steel


*Exp. Date: 12/31/23


ITEM # BP0035

Vacutainer Tubes

BD Sodium Heprarin: Hemogard, 13 x 100mm, 6mL (100/pk)

*Exp. Date: 12/31/23


ITEM # 9-02-685-114A

Sterile Prep Pads

Curity Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium, Sterile (200/bx)


ITEM # 500-5750

Alcohol Prep Pads

Dukal Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium (200/bx)


ITEM # 262-852

Non-Sterile Gauze

Non-Sterile Guaze Pads, 2" x 2", 8 Ply. (200/pk)


ITEM # 670-P157115

Sterile Gauze Sponges

Dukal Gauze Sponge, 4" x 4", 8 Ply, Sterile (50/pk)


ITEM # 6312

Cytology Funnel

BMP Medical Double Cytology Funnel with White Filter Card (250/cs)



PCR SuperPlate

Thermo Scientific PCR Plate, 96-Well, Low Profile, Skirted (25/pk)


ITEM # 459-AB2800W

Cardboard Slide Tray

Heathrow Scientific 30-Slide Tray with Black Trim (40/cs)


ITEM # 510130

MicroAmp™ Plates

Applied Bio 96-Well Reaction Plates, 0.1mL (10 plates)


ITEM # 459-4346907

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Powder-Free, Chemotherapy Tested, Violet Blue (200/cs)


ITEM # 670-10334101

Amber Transport Tube

Globe Scientific, 10mL with Screw Cap, Self-Standing (1,000/cs)


ITEM # 123610-AMBER

7mL Transfer Pipet

PMD General Purpose Transfer Pipet, Non-Sterile (500/pk)


ITEM # P130202


PMD Yellow Tourniquets, 1" x 18" Strips, Rolled and Banded (1,000/cs)


ITEM # 970001/Y

Acid Neutralizer

Miele ProCare Lab 30 C, 5L Liquid (ea)


ITEM # 10266670-1

Infant Heel Warmer

Typenex Medical Infant Heel Warmer, Liquid, 3" x 4" (100/cs)


ITEM # 305500-100

Stacking Bin

Akro-Mills® Super-Size, 18-1/4" W x 23-7/8" D x 12" H, Blue (ea)


ITEM # 128-30289BL

Odorless Kerosene

Fisher Scientific, Amber Glass Bottle, 4L (4/cs)


ITEM # 9-K10-4

Stacking Bin

Akro-Mills® Super-Size, 8-1/4" W x 23-7/8" D x 7" H, Blue (ea)


ITEM # 128-30284BL

Cryogenic Vials

2mL, Self-Standing with Washer Seal, Internal Thread (1,000/cs)


ITEM # 136600020

Self-Standing Tube

PMD 50mL Self-Standing, Gamma Sterile, Pack Pack (500/cs)


ITEM # 123218P

Universal Pipette Tips

PMD Pipette Tips, 0.5-10 uL with Filter, Natural, Sterile (960/bx)


ITEM # P4330-9136