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You are our priority!

We Get it, and that's what makes us different! Cenmed is dedicated to making sure that your business with us is our top priority. So we focus on having the highest quality in customer service. We're not a corporate behemoth, and so we try to build relationships with our customers. When you call us, there are no phone trees, there is no offshore call forwarding, and when you speak to someone within our sales or services department, you reach someone live within our New Brunswick, NJ location.

Our customers mean everything to us and we understand you're the reason we can keep our doors open. You're more than an order, so we try to be more than a order fulfillment center. This is why after an initial order, one of our sales reps will either come out visit you (if we have a rep in the territory) or will call you to introduce themselves by phone.

Your quotes!

At Cenmed, we recognize that no two customers are exactly alike. After a short face to face meeting, or a telephone conference call, we will begin working on getting your price or service request immediately.

Our customers appreciate our rapid response in turning your simple or complex requests around, often back to the customer within an hour.

While working with thousands of manufacturers, we'reable to quote you on the exact items that you're looking for, or suitable alternatives.


Every customer deserves special attention, and we promise to keep your delivery on our mind. The quick and efficient delivery of your products is always our priority. Cenmed offers scheduled delivery times to most locations in the United States, with truck and van deliveries within New York City and outer counties, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and of course beautiful New Jersey.

We also offer full LTL services for products domestically and internationally, and can provide short and long term storage facilities with an array of packaging and specialty delivery requirements.


We want your feedback. It is critically important to listen to what you have to say. As our customers, you know the areas where we can improve better than anyone. If you think there are areas in our customer service, quoting, or servicing that need our attention, we ask you to share your insight with us. We are continually putting plans and corrective action procedures in place, so any areas that you think need improvement, are always welcome criticism.